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Horses (1542)
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Woldegibriel, Amsale (ETH, Athletics, 1980)
Woldehana, Girma (ETH, Athletics, 1980)
Woldetsadik, Hailu (ETH, Athletics, 1980)
Woldu, Tekeste (ETH, Cycling - Road, 1968)
Woldum, Roar (NOR, Swimming, 1952)
Wolf, Alex (ITA, Bobsleigh, 1984-1988)
Wolf, Alexander (GER, Biathlon, 2002-2010)
Wolf, Augie (USA, Athletics, 1984)
Wolf, Birgit (GER, Athletics, 1996)
Wolf, Carsten (GDR, Cycling - Track, 1988)
Wolf, Fritz (GER, Artistic Gymnastics, 1908)
Wolf, Gabriela (FRG, Athletics, 1988)
Wolf, Hillary (USA, Judo, 1996-2000)
Wolf, Jenny (GER, Speed Skating, 2002-2010)
Wolf, John (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1904)
Wolf, Jürgen (GDR, Cross Country Skiing, 1976)
Wolf, Karl (GER, Athletics, 1952)
Wolf, Karl-Heinz (GDR, Biathlon, 1976)
Wolf, Manfred (FRG, Ice Hockey, 1984-1988)
Wolf, Manfred (GDR, Ski Jumping, 1972)
Wolf, Max (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1904)
Wolf, Michael (GER, Ice Hockey, 2010)
Wolf, Michele (SUI, Fencing, 1996)
Wolf, Paul (USA, Swimming, 1936)
Wolf, Raffi (GER, Ice Hockey, 2002-2006)
Wolf, Robert (TCH, Swimming, 1988)
Wolf, Sigrid (AUT, Alpine Skiing, 1988)
Wolf, Ulli (AUT, Rowing, 1972-1976)
Wolf, Wallace (USA, Swimming, 1948-1952)
Wolfbrandt, Lars-Erik (SWE, Athletics, 1948-1952)
Wolfe, Rowland (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1932)
Wolfensohn, James (AUS, Fencing, 1956)
Wolfer, Eric (FRA, Volleyball, 1992)
Wolfermann, Klaus (FRG, Athletics, 1968-1972)
Wolff, A.? (POL, Sailing, 1928)
Wolff, Albert (USA, Fencing, 1948-1952)
Wolff, Frederick (GBR, Athletics, 1936)
Wolff, Ingrid (NED, Hockey, 1988-1992)
Wolff, Josh (USA, Football, 2000)
Wolff, Rene (GER, Cycling - Track, 2004)
Wolfgram, Paea (TGA, Boxing, 1996)
Wolfgramm, Michael (GDR, Rowing, 1976)
Wolfhagen, Vilhelm (DEN, Football, 1908)
Wolfinger, August (LIE, Alpine Skiing, 1964)
Wolfinger, Weltin (LIE, Bobsleigh, 1956)
Wolfl, Franjo (YUG, Football, 1948)
Wolfram, Andreas (GDR, Shooting, 1988)
Wolfram, Heinz (GER, Speed Skating, 1960)
Wolfram, Jochen (GER, Sailing, 2004)
Wolfs, Mike (CAN, Sailing, 2004)
Wolfs, Sofie (BEL, Swimming, 2000)
Wolfsberger, Leslie (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1976)
Wolke, Manfred (GDR, Boxing, 1968)
Wolkmar, H.? (AUT, Athletics, 1924)
Wolkowicz, Bronislaw (POL, Judo, 1996)
Wołkowski, Andrzej (POL, Ice Hockey, 1936)
Wolkowyski, Rubén (ARG, Basketball, 1996/2004)
Woll, Ernst (AUT, Shooting, 1948)
Woller, Gergo (HUN, Wrestling, 2004)
Wöller, Steffen (GER, Luge, 1994-2002)
Wollert, Heide (GER, Judo, 2008)
Wollgarth, Anders (SWE, Tug Of War, 1908)
Wollmann, Helmut (GDR, Rowing, 1968)
Wollner, Heinz (GER, Athletics, 1936)
Wolls Chlager, Susi (FRG, Hockey, 1988)
Wollschlager, Susanne (GER, Hockey, 1992-1996)
Wollschlager, Trude (GER, Swimming, 1936)
Wollthan, Tim (GER, Water Polo, 2004)
Wolnicka, Barbara (POL, Fencing, 1996-2000)
Wolnicka-Szewczyk, Barbara (POL, Fencing, 1996-2000)
Wolny, Dariusz (POL, Swimming, 1980)
Wolny, Ryszard (POL, Wrestling, 1988-2004)
Wolodko, Stanislaw (POL, Athletics, 1976)
Wołowiec, Monika (POL, Skeleton, 2006)
Wolpert, Hans (GER, Weightlifting, 1928-1932)
Wolski, Bartosz (USA, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 2004)
Wolski, Robert (POL, Athletics, 2004)
Wolstenholme, Cecelia (GBR, Swimming, 1932)
Woltering, Clara (GER, Handball, 2008)
Wolters, Kara (USA, Basketball, 2000)
Wome, Pierre (CMR, Football, 2000)
Womersley, Cecilia (NZL, Alpine Skiing, 1960)
Womersley, Chris (NZL, Alpine Skiing, 1972)
Wommack, Roland (USA, Fencing, 1960)
Womplou, Marie (CIV, Athletics, 1988)
Won, Chang Yong (KOR, Cycling - Track, 1992)
Won, Hye-Gyeong (KOR, Short Track Speed Skating, 1994-1998)
Won, Jeongsik (KOR, Weightlifting, 2012)
Won, Ok Im (PRK, Judo, 2008)
Won, Shin-Hee (KOR, Weightlifting, 1968-1972)
Wondrak, Karl (TCH, Ski Jumping, 1928)
Wong, Adam (CAN, Artistic Gymnastics, 2004-2008)
Wong, Charlene (CAN, Figure Skating, 1988)
Wong, Ching (HKG, Table Tennis, 2000)
Wong, Choong Hann (MAS, Badminton, 2000-2008)
Wong, Chris (CAN, Freestyle Skiing, 2006)
Wong, Derek (SIN, Badminton, 2012)
Wong, Diego (CUB, Handball, 2000)
Wong, Fai (HKG, Shooting, 2008)
Wong, Helena (SIN, Weightlifting, 2012)
Wong, Hiu Ying Angel (HKG, Artistic Gymnastics, 2012)
Wong, Kam Po (HKG, Cycling - Road/Cycling - Track, 1996-2012)
Wong, Kathy (HKG, Swimming, 1984)
Wong, Kay Poh (SIN, Weightlifting, 1956)
Wong, Kevin (USA, Beach Volleyball, 2000)
Wong, Kim Poh (SIN, Basketball, 1956)
Wong, Kin Chung (HKG, Diving, 1988)
Wong, Lester (CAN, Fencing, 1972)
Wong, Liang Hun (SIN, Fencing, 1992)
Wong, Mew Choo (MAS, Badminton, 2008)
Wong, Nanchen (CHN, Basketball, 1936)
Wong, Pei Tty (MAS, Badminton, 2004-2008)
Wong, Ratiporn (THA, Swimming, 1992)
Wong, Robyn (NZL, Mountain Bike, 2004)
Wong, Ronnie Man Chui (HKG, Swimming, 1972)
Wong, Sam Tak Sum (HKG, Sailing, 1988)
Wong, Seahkee (CHN, Weightlifting, 1936)
Wong, Tak Sum (HKG, Sailing, 1992-1996)
Wong, Wan Yiu Jamie (HKG, Cycling - Road/Cycling - Track, 2008-2012)
Wong, Wing Ki (HKG, Badminton, 2012)
Wong, Yew Tong (SIN, Athletics, 1996)
Wong, Yingket (CHN, Athletics, 1936)
Wongchaoom, Snay (THA, Athletics, 1956)
Wongprates, Sontaya Chotipat (THA, Boxing, 2000)
Wongsuwan, Prajim (THA, Athletics, 1960)
Wonsavage, Dorcas (USA, Cross Country Skiing, 1988-1994)
Woo, Chengchang (CHN, Basketball, 1948)
Woo, Cheol (KOR, Swimming, 1996-2000)
Woo, Chris (USA, Swimming, 1976)
Woo, Hyun-Jung (KOR, Hockey, 1996)
Woo, Ji-Won (KOR, Basketball, 1996)
Woo, Jung-Ho (KOR, Equestrian, 2004)
Woo, Sun Hee (KOR, Handball, 2004)
Woo, Yang-Ja (KOR, Athletics, 1988)
Woo, Zung-whan (KOR, Football, 1948)
Wood, A.J. (USA, Football, 1996)
Wood, Allan (AUS, Swimming, 1960-1964)
Wood, Anna (AUS, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 1992-2000)
Wood, Arthur (GBR, Sailing, 1908)
Wood, Bill (CAN, Rowing, 1924)
Wood, Carolyn (USA, Swimming, 1960)
Wood, Clare (GBR, Tennis, 1988/1996)
Wood, Dan (CAN, Ice Hockey, 1984)
Wood, Dimas (ESP, Sailing, 2004)
Wood, Doug (CAN, Athletics, 1992)
Wood, Elvira (RSA, Fencing, 2008)
Wood, Gordon (USA, Wrestling, 2004)
Wood, Grace (GBR, Swimming, 1952)
Wood, Harold (GBR, Weightlifting, 1924-1928)
Wood, Harry (GBR, Athletics, 1928)
Wood, Harvey (GBR, Hockey, 1908)
Wood, Ina (GBR, Archery, 1908)
Wood, Jennifer (ZIM, Swimming, 1964)
Wood, Jennifer (CAN, Artistic Gymnastics, 1992)
Wood, Jim (GBR, Biathlon, 1980-1984)
Wood, John (CAN, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 1968)
Wood, Juan Luis (ESP, Sailing, 2000)
Wood, Kelly (GBR, Curling, 2006-2010)
Wood, Kenneth (GBR, Athletics, 1956)
Wood, Leon (USA, Basketball, 1984)
Wood, Merv (AUS, Rowing, 1936-1956)
Wood, Mike (RSA, Fencing, 2008)
Wood, Oenone (AUS, Cycling - Road, 2004-2008)
Wood, Robert (USA, Sailing, 1960)
Wood, Steven (AUS, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 1988-1992)
Wood, Tim (USA, Figure Skating, 1968)
Wood, Walter (USA, Athletics, 1936)
Wood, William (CAN, Athletics, 1908)
Wood, William (GBR, Wrestling, 1908)
Woodall, Jonnie (GBR, Bobsleigh/Luge, 1972/1980)
Woodall, Keith (CAN, Ice Hockey, 1956)
Woodard, Jeff (USA, Bobsleigh, 1992-1994)
Woodard, Lynette (USA, Basketball, 1984)
Woodbridge, Margaret (USA, Swimming, 1920)
Woodbridge, Nick (GBR, Modern Pentathlon, 2008)
Woodbridge, Todd (AUS, Tennis, 1996-2004)
Woodburn, Steven (FRA, Ice Hockey, 1988/1994)
Woodcroft, Christopher (CAN, Wrestling, 1988-1992)
Woodcroft, Gregory (CAN, Wrestling, 1996)
Wooderson, Sydney (GBR, Athletics, 1936)
Woodforde, Mark (AUS, Tennis, 1996-2000)
Woodget, James (GBR, Tug Of War, 1908)
Woodhall, Richard (GBR, Boxing, 1988)
Woodhead, Cynthia (USA, Swimming, 1984)
Woodhouse, Danielle (AUS, Water Polo, 2000)
Woodhouse, Robert (AUS, Swimming, 1984-1988)
Woodhouse, Robyn (AUS, Athletics, 1964)
Wooding, Jim (USA, Athletics, 1984)
Wooding, Lisa (GBR, Hockey, 2008)
Woodley, Adrian (CAN, Athletics, 2000)
Woodley, Erin (CAN, Synchronised Swimming, 1996)
Woodley, Ian (NZL, Hockey, 1992)
Woodlock, Margaret (AUS, Athletics, 1956)
Woodman, Allan "Huck" (CAN, Ice Hockey, 1920)
Woodring, Allen (USA, Athletics, 1920)
Woodroffe, Franklin (GBR, Sailing, 1952)
Woodroffe, Lorna (GBR, Tennis, 2000)
Woodroffe, Martyn (GBR, Swimming, 1968)
Woodruff, John (USA, Athletics, 1936)
Woods, Carolyn (USA, Swimming, 1972)
Woods, Claire (AUS, Athletics, 2008)
Woods, Dean (AUS, Cycling - Track, 1988/1996)
Woods, Doris (GBR, Artistic Gymnastics, 1928)
Woods, Erin (CAN, Softball, 2000)
Woods, Gavin (AUS, Water Polo, 2000-2008)
Woods, George (USA, Athletics, 1968-1976)
Woods, Hanne (NOR, Curling, 1998-2002)
Woods, Hilton (AHO, Swimming, 1984-1988)
Woods, Ian (GBR, Biathlon, 1992-1994)
Woods, Joanne (CAN, Canoe / Kayak - Slalom, 1992)
Woods, John (IRL, Athletics, 1988)
Woods, Larry (CAN, Sailing, 1976)
Woods, Mike (USA, Speed Skating, 1976-1984)
Woods, Reginald "Rex" (GBR, Athletics, 1924-1928)
Woods, Rob (AUS, Mountain Bike, 2000)
Woods, Robert (AUS, Mountain Bike, 1996)
Woods, Taryn (AUS, Water Polo, 2000)
Woodward, Annette (AUS, Shooting, 1996/2004)
Woodward, Brant (NZL, Shooting, 1996-2000)
Woodward, Bryan (USA, Athletics, 2000)
Woodward, Danielle (AUS, Canoe / Kayak - Slalom, 1992-2000)
Woodward, Gabe (USA, Swimming, 2004)
Woodward, John (CAN, Sailing, 1952/1964)
Woodward, Regina (HUN, Figure Skating, 1992)
Woodward, Vivian (GBR, Football, 1908)
Woodward, William (GBR, Rowing, 1948)
Woolard, Collier (ISV, Swimming, 1984)
Woolard, Harrell (ISV, Swimming, 1984)
Wooldridge, Stephen (AUS, Cycling - Track, 2004)
Wooley, Jason (CAN, Ice Hockey, 1992)
Wooley, Stacey (USA, Biathlon, 1998)
Woolfolk, Natalie (USA, Weightlifting, 2008)
Woolford, Paul (NZL, Hockey, 2004-2008)
Woolley, John (NZL, Shooting, 1988)
Woolsey, Elizabeth (USA, Alpine Skiing, 1936)
Woolsey, William (USA, Swimming, 1952-1956)
Woolward, Iain (GBR, Sailing, 1984)
Woosley, Belinda (AUS, Swimming, 1964)
Worbis, Guadalupe (MEX, Football, 2004)
Worcester, Bevan (AUS, Sailing, 1952)
Wordley, Sharn (NZL, Equestrian, 2008)
Worisch, Franz (AUT, Diving, 1948)
Worisch, Michael (AUT, Diving, 1980)
Workel, Ester (NED, Rowing, 2004-2008)
Workman, Jim (USA, Rowing, 1928)
Worku, Ayelech (ETH, Athletics, 1996-2000)
Worku, Shoangizaw (ETH, Athletics, 1972)
Worley, Tessa (FRA, Alpine Skiing, 2010)
Worlidge, Edward (GBR, Rowing, 1952)
Worm, Erich (GER, Artistic Gymnastics, 1912)
Wörmann, Franz (GER, Bobsleigh, 1964)
Wormser, Paul (FRA, Fencing, 1936)
Wormwald, Leslie (GBR, Rowing, 1912)
Wörndl, Frank (FRG, Alpine Skiing, 1980/1988)
Wörndle, Matthias (GER, Cross Country Skiing, 1936)
Wörndle, Roman (GER, Alpine Skiing, 1936)
Worner, Anita (GER, Athletics, 1964)
Wörner, Anna (GER, Freestyle Skiing, 2010)
Worobieff, Eldon (CAN, Rowing, 1964)
Woronin, Marian (POL, Athletics, 1976-1980)
Worrack, Trixi (GER, Cycling - Road, 2004-2012)
Worrall, Jim (CAN, Athletics, 1936)
Worst, Martha (USA, Athletics, 1936)
Worth, George (USA, Fencing, 1948-1960)
Worth, Paul (GBR, Short Track Speed Skating, 2010)
Worth, Taylor (AUS, Archery, 2012)
Worthington, Harry (USA, Athletics, 1912)
Worthington, James (GBR, Swimming, 1924)
Worthington, Kay (CAN, Rowing, 1984-1992)
Worthington, Mark (AUS, Basketball, 2008)
Worthington, Trace (USA, Freestyle Skiing, 1994)
Worthington-Eyre, Hedges (GBR, Athletics, 1920)
Worz, Nina Christin (GER, Handball, 2008)
Wosik, Elke (GER, Table Tennis, 1996-2008)
Wosik, Torben (GER, Table Tennis, 2004)
Wosipiwo, Heinz (GDR, Ski Jumping, 1972)
Wossala, Gyorgy (HUN, Sailing, 1996)
Wöstmann, Axel (FRG, Rowing, 1984)
Woszczynski, Lukasz (POL, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 2004)
Wotapek, Johann (AUT, Athletics, 1936)
Wotherspoon, Jeremy (CAN, Speed Skating, 1998-2010)
Wottle, David (USA, Athletics, 1972)
Wötzel, Mandy (GER, Figure Skating, 1992-1998)
Wouda, Hans (NED, Water Polo, 1968)
Wouda, Marcel (NED, Swimming, 1992-2000)
Wout, Daniel (NED, Baseball, 1996)
Woutering, Ronald (NED, Swimming, 1976)
Wouters, Lode (BEL, Cycling - Road, 1948)
Wouters, Mieketine (NED, Hockey, 1992)
Wouters, Thierry (BEL, Swimming, 2000)
Woy, Asele (NGR, Athletics, 1980)
Woycicki, Zbigniew (POL, Military Patrol, 1924)
Woyda, Witold (POL, Fencing, 1960-1972)
Woyna Orlewicz, Jerzy (POL, Alpine Skiing, 1964)
Wozniacki, Caroline (DEN, Tennis, 2008)
Wozniak, James (BAR, Swimming, 1984)
Woźniak, Katarzyna (POL, Speed Skating, 2010)
Wozniak, Pawel (POL, Athletics, 1992)
Woźniak, Waldemar (POL, Artistic Gymnastics, 1980)
Wrappah, Hellena (GHA, Athletics, 2000)
Wraschtil, Hermann (AUT, Athletics, 1900)
Wray, Stephen (BAH, Athletics, 1984)
Wray, Yvette (GBR, Athletics, 1980)
Wrede, Jens-Peter (FRG, Sailing, 1988)
Wrede, Ludwig (AUT, Figure Skating, 1928)
Wreford, Alyson (GBR, Luge, 1988)
Wren, Gordy (USA, Cross Country Skiing/Nordic Combined/Ski Jumping, 1948)
Wretling, Sune (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1960)
Wretman, Gustaf (SWE, Swimming, 1906-1908)
Wrigglesworth, Susan (GBR, Fencing, 1972-1980)
Wright, Adam (USA, Water Polo, 2004-2008)
Wright, Anthony (CAN, Hockey, 2008)
Wright, Belinda (AUS, Softball, 2008)
Wright, Cameron (USA, Athletics, 1996)
Wright, Camille (USA, Swimming, 1976)
Wright, Claire (GBR, Trampoline, 2008)
Wright, Clive (JAM, Athletics, 1988-1992)
Wright, Cyril (GBR, Sailing, 1920)
Wright, Dana (CAN, Athletics, 1984)