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Adam, Marcus (GBR, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1992/2002)
Aoto, Shinji (JPN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-1992/1998)
Askersrud, Jorun (NOR, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing, 1952)
Beck, Timothy (NED, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2002-2004)
Beckman, Runald (SWE, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1976-1980)
Bellutti, Antonella (ITA, Bobsleigh/Cycling - Track, 1996-2002)
Berthet, Georges (FRA, Military Patrol/Rowing, 1924-1928)
Bessi, Gilbert (MON, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-1998)
Bos, Jan (NED, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1998-2010)
Boucher, Bob (CAN, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1968)
Bouvy, Charly (BEL, Bobsleigh/Hockey, 1964-1968)
Bryn, Yngvar (NOR, Athletics/Figure Skating, 1900/1920)
Campbell, Colin (GBR, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1968-1976)
Condon, Allyn (GBR, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2000/2010)
Crivelli, Giuseppe (ITA, Bobsleigh/Rowing, 1924-1928)
da Silva, Claudinei (BRA, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1996-2000/2006)
Davenport, Willie (USA, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1964-1980)
de Wit, Rob (NED, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-1994)
Déván, István (HUN, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing/Nordic Combined, 1912/1924)
Elizondo, Miguel (MEX, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-1992)
Elmsäter, Erik (SWE, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing/Nordic Combined, 1948-1952)
Farkas, Mátyás (HUN, Athletics/Ice Hockey, 1928/1936)
Foster, John (ISV, Bobsleigh/Sailing, 1972-1976/1984-1992)
Frick, Xaver (LIE, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing, 1936-1948)
Fyodorova, Olga (RUS, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2004/2010)
Gattuso, Sébastien (MON, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2002-2010)
Gilbert, Glenroy (CAN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-2000)
Grabušić, Jurica "Juraj" (CRO, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2004-2008)
Gudenus, Johann Baptist (Graf) (AUT, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1932-1936)
Guðmundsson, Ari (ISL, Ski Jumping/Swimming, 1948-1952)
Gulbrandsen, Bjørn Oscar (NOR, Ice Hockey/Sailing, 1952-1956)
Guss, Lloyd (CAN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1984-1988)
Gyenesei, Leila (HUN, Cross Country Skiing/Modern Pentathlon, 2006-2008)
Gyulai, Miklós (HUN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1994/2000)
Haklits, András (CRO, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2000-2010)
Hanušová, Kateřina (CZE, Cross Country Skiing/Mountain Bike, 1996-2002)
Haringa, Ingrid (NED, Cycling - Road/Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1988-1996)
Harries, Phil (GBR, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988/2002)
Harris, Madonna (NZL, Cross Country Skiing/Cycling - Road, 1988)
Hashimoto, Seiko (JPN, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1984-1996)
Heinrich von Omorovicza, Tibor (HUN, Ice Hockey/Sailing, 1928/1936)
Herbert, John (GBR, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1984-1988/1994)
Houben, Max (BEL, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1920/1928-1948)
Hrabaň, Roman (TCH, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-1992)
Hubacher, Edy (SUI, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1968-1972)
Hughes, Clara (CAN, Cycling - Road/Speed Skating, 1996-2012)
Inocencio, Matheus (BRA, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2002-2004)
Johansson, Tommy (SWE, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1984)
Kortelainen, Jorma (FIN, Cross Country Skiing/Rowing, 1956-1960)
Krajačić, Slaven (CRO, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2000/2006-2010)
Kürti, Éva (HUN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2002-2004)
Kürtösi, Zsolt (HUN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1996-2000/2006)
Lindner, Hans (AUT, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1984-1992)
Lopuchovský, Marcel (SVK, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2000/2010)
Luding, Christa (GDR/GER, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1980-1992)
Lunde, Jeanette (NOR, Alpine Skiing/Sailing, 1994/2000)
Margl, Tamás (HUN, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2004-2006)
McDonagh, Pat (IRL, Bobsleigh/Rowing, 1980/1988-1992)
McHugh, Terry (IRL, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988-2000)
Milenković, Aleksandar (SCG/YUG, Biathlon/Cross Country Skiing/Cycling - Road, 1992/2006)
Moser, Fritz (AUT, Rowing/Speed Skating, 1928/1936)
Mourão, Jaqueline (BRA, Cross Country Skiing/Mountain Bike, 2004-2010)
Musy, Pierre (SUI, Bobsleigh/Equestrian, 1936-1948)
Narracott, Paul (AUS, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1984/1992)
Neumannová, Kateřina (TCH/CZE, Cross Country Skiing/Mountain Bike, 1992-2006)
Nicholson, Chris (NZL, Cycling - Road/Short Track Speed Skating, 1992-1994)
Nowak, Oskar (AUT, Hockey/Ice Hockey, 1936-1948)
Omedes, Luis (ESP, Luge/Rowing, 1952/1968)
Osuga, Sayuri (JPN, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 2002-2006)
Paraskevin, Connie (USA, Speed Skating/Cycling - Track, 1984-1996)
Paraskevin-Young, Connie (USA, Speed Skating/Cycling - Track, 1984-1996)
Poplimont, André (BEL, Fencing/Ice Hockey, 1924/1932)
Posti, Hannu (FIN, Athletics/Biathlon, 1952/1964)
Radanova, Evgeniya (BUL, Cycling - Track/Short Track Speed Skating, 1994-2010)
Rothenburger, Christa (GDR/GER, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1980-1992)
Schäfer, Karl (AUT, Figure Skating/Swimming, 1928-1936)
Schumann, Manfred (FRG, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1972-1976)
Schützenauer, Martin (AUT, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1992-2002)
Seki, Natsue (JPN, Cycling - Road/Speed Skating, 1988)
Støa, Johan (NOR, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing, 1928)
Stokken, Martin (NOR, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing, 1948-1956)
Straathof, Jeroen (NED, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1994/2004)
Strittmatter, Rolf (SUI, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1980-1984)
Szepes, Béla (HUN, Athletics/Cross Country Skiing/Nordic Combined, 1924-1928)
Tešovič, Martin (SVK, Bobsleigh/Weightlifting, 1996/2004-2012)
Thams, Jacob Tullin (NOR, Sailing/Ski Jumping, 1924-1928/1936)
Tom, Léon (BEL, Bobsleigh/Fencing, 1912-1928)
Van Schelle, Martial (BEL, Bobsleigh/Swimming, 1920-1928/1936)
Van Volckxsom, Philippe (BEL, Ice Hockey/Rowing/Speed Skating, 1920-1928)
Vanderka, Marián (SVK, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2000-2002)
Villeneuve, Sophie (FRA, Cross Country Skiing/Mountain Bike, 1992-2000)
Vojnović, Dejan (CRO, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 2000/2006)
Voss, Torsten (GDR/GER, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1988/1998)
Wickenheiser, Hayley (CAN, Ice Hockey/Softball, 1998-2010)
Witty, Chris (USA, Cycling - Track/Speed Skating, 1994-2006)
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