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Horses (1542)
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Johansen, Brian (DEN, Boxing, 1996)
Johansen, Daniel (NOR, Athletics, 1912)
Johansen, Egon (DEN, Hockey, 1948)
Johansen, Erik (DEN, Sailing, 1968)
Johansen, Erling (DEN, Weightlifting, 1972-1980)
Johansen, Georg (NOR, Artistic Gymnastics, 1952)
Johansen, Hendrik (DEN, Artistic Gymnastics, 1908)
Johansen, Hjalmar (DEN, Artistic Gymnastics, 1912)
Johansen, Ivar (NOR, Bobsleigh, 1948)
Johansen, Jan (NOR, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 1968)
Johansen, Johan (NOR, Athletics, 1920)
Johansen, Johan Anker (NOR, Artistic Gymnastics, 1920)
Johansen, John (NOR, Athletics, 1908)
Johansen, Kari Mette (NOR, Handball, 2008)
Johansen, Kjell Sverre (NOR, Rowing, 1972-1976)
Johansen, Kristian (NOR, Athletics, 1952)
Johansen, Magne (NOR, Ski Jumping, 1992)
Johansen, Michael (DEN, Football, 1992)
Johansen, Morten (NOR, Ice Hockey, 1980)
Johansen, Morten Nordeide (NOR, Luge, 1976)
Johansen, Roy (NOR, Ice Hockey, 1984-1988/1994)
Johansen, Sheila (USA, Luge, 1968)
Johansen, Sigleif (NOR, Biathlon, 1980)
Johansen, Solfrid (NOR, Rowing, 1976/1984)
Johansen, Steinar (NOR, Speed Skating, 1992-1998)
Johansen, Tom (NOR, Ice Hockey, 1992-1994)
Johansen, Vibeke (NOR, Swimming, 1996)
Johansen, Vidar (NOR, Ice Hockey, 1980)
Johanson, Evert (NOR, Boxing, 1948)
Johanson, Sven (USA, Cross Country Skiing, 1960)
Johanson, Thomas (FIN, Sailing, 1996-2004)
Johansson, Andreas (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1998)
Johansson, Anita (SWE, Figure Skating, 1972)
Johansson, Arne (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1948)
Johansson, Axel (SWE, Speed Skating, 1936)
Johansson, Axel (SWE, Rowing, 1912)
Johansson, Bjoern (SWE, Cycling - Road, 1992)
Johansson, Bjorn (SWE, Cycling - Road, 1988)
Johansson, Bo (SWE, Weightlifting, 1968)
Johansson, Brita (FIN, Athletics, 1960)
Johansson, Bror (FIN, Sailing, 1952)
Johansson, Calle (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1998)
Johansson, Camilla (SWE, Swimming, 2000)
Johansson, Camilla (SWE, Athletics, 2000)
Johansson, Carl-Emil (SWE, Tug Of War, 1908)
Johansson, Christer (SWE, Cross Country Skiing, 1976)
Johansson, Dan (SWE, Speed Skating, 1976)
Johansson, Denis (FIN, Athletics, 1948-1952)
Johansson, Elis (SWE, Athletics, 1920)
Johansson, Emil (SWE, Tug Of War, 1908)
Johansson, Emma (SWE, Cycling - Road, 2008-2012)
Johansson, Erica (SWE, Athletics, 2000)
Johansson, Erik (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1952)
Johansson, Erik (SWE, Rowing, 1936)
Johansson, Erik (SWE, Modern Pentathlon, 2004)
Johansson, Erkki (FIN, Wrestling, 1948)
Johansson, Fredrik (SWE, Ski Jumping, 1994)
Johansson, Frida (SWE, Athletics, 1992)
Johansson, Georg (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1920)
Johansson, Göran (SWE, Speed Skating, 1988)
Johansson, Göran (SWE, Rowing, 1980)
Johansson, Göran (SWE, Speed Skating, 1972)
Johansson, Gösta (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1952)
Johansson, Greta (SWE, Swimming, 1912)
Johansson, Gunnar (SWE, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 1948)
Johansson, Gunnel (SWE, Artistic Gymnastics, 1948)
Johansson, Gustaf (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1924-1928)
Johansson, Hans-Olof (SWE, Athletics, 1960)
Johansson, Helge (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1924)
Johansson, Henry (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1928)
Johansson, Hjälmar (SWE, Athletics/Diving/Swimming, 1906-1908)
Johansson, Ingemar (SWE, Athletics, 1948)
Johansson, Irma (SWE, Cross Country Skiing, 1956-1960)
Johansson, Irwi (SWE, Swimming, 1972)
Johansson, Jan (SWE, Bobsleigh, 1972-1976)
Johansson, Joachim (SWE, Tennis, 2004)
Johansson, Jonatan (SWE, Snowboard, 2006)
Johansson, Kari (FIN, Ice Hockey, 1968)
Johansson, Karl-Erik (FIN, Rowing, 1952)
Johansson, Knut (SWE, Tug Of War, 1908)
Johansson, Kristian (FIN, Swimming, 1992)
Johansson, Kristjan (ISL, Athletics, 1952)
Johansson, Kurt (SWE, Shooting, 1948)
Johansson, Kurt (SWE, Shooting, 1968)
Johansson, Lars (SWE, Sailing, 1976)
Johansson, Leif (SWE, Bobsleigh, 1976)
Johansson, Lennart (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1964)
Johansson, Liselotte (SWE, Freestyle Skiing, 1994-2002)
Johansson, Magnus (SWE, Ice Hockey, 2010)
Johansson, Magnus (SWE, Football, 1992)
Johansson, Marie (SWE, Cross Country Skiing, 1976-1984)
Johansson, Marie (SWE, Cross Country Skiing, 1988)
Johansson, Martin (SWE, Short Track Speed Skating, 1994-2002)
Johansson, Mathias (SWE, Ice Hockey, 2002)
Johansson, Mats (SWE, Freestyle Skiing, 1994)
Johansson, Mats (SWE, Sailing, 1988/2000)
Johansson, Mikael (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1988-1992)
Johansson, Nils (SWE, Cycling - Road, 1948)
Johansson, Nils "Björnungen" (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1928)
Johansson, Nils "Nicke" (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1964-1968)
Johansson, Olle (SWE, Sailing, 1976)
Johansson, Olle (SWE, Swimming/Water Polo, 1948-1952)
Johansson, Oskar (CAN, Sailing, 2004-2008)
Johansson, Ove (SWE, Weightlifting, 1968-1972)
Johansson, Paavo (FIN, Athletics, 1920-1924)
Johansson, Patrik (SWE, Volleyball, 1988)
Johansson, Per (SWE, Swimming, 1980-1988)
Johansson, Peter (SWE, Figure Skating, 1988)
Johansson, Richard (SWE, Figure Skating, 1908)
Johansson, Roger (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1994)
Johansson, Roland (SWE, Swimming, 1928)
Johansson, Rudolf (SWE, Athletics, 1924)
Johansson, Rune (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1948-1952)
Johansson, Sara (SWE, Football, 2000)
Johansson, Sixten (SWE, Ski Jumping, 1936)
Johansson, Stefan (SWE, Athletics, 1988-1992)
Johansson, Stig-Göran (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1972)
Johansson, Svante (SWE, Diving, 1948)
Johansson, Sven (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1952-1964)
Johansson, Sven (SWE, Swimming, 1960)
Johansson, Sven (SWE, Shooting, 1968)
Johansson, Thomas (SWE, Tennis, 2000/2008)
Johansson, Thorsten (SWE, Athletics, 1976)
Johansson, Thure (SWE, Wrestling, 1948)
Johansson, Tomas (SWE, Snowboard, 2002)
Johansson, Tomas (SWE, Wrestling, 1988-1996)
Johansson, Tomas (SWE, Shooting, 2000)
Johansson, Tomas (SWE, Badminton, 1996-2000)
Johansson, Tommy (SWE, Athletics/Bobsleigh, 1984)
Johansson, Tore (SWE, Rowing, 1952)
Johansson, Ulf (SWE, Biathlon, 1992-1994)
Johansson, Viljam (FIN, Athletics, 1912)
Johansson Norgren, Britta (SWE, Cross Country Skiing, 2006-2010)
Johar, Juma Salem (QAT, Football, 1992)
Johari, Ramli (MAS, Cycling - Road, 1968)
Johaug, Therese (NOR, Cross Country Skiing, 2010)
Johl, Yogi (CAN, Wrestling, 1996)
John, Assan (GAM, Athletics, 1996)
John, Heike (FRG, Swimming, 1976)
John, Heinrich (GER, Athletics, 1964)
John, Hinrich (FRG, Athletics, 1968)
John, Jason (GBR, Athletics, 1992)
John, Sabine (GDR, Athletics, 1988)
John, Tau (PNG, Athletics, 1976)
John, Václav (TCH, Cross Country Skiing, 1924)
Johncke, Axel (SWE, Fencing, 1912)
Jöhncke, Torsten (SWE, Ice Hockey, 1936)
Johner, Gerda (SUI, Figure Skating, 1964)
Johner, Rüdi (SUI, Figure Skating, 1964)
Johns, Andrew (GBR, Triathlon, 2000-2004)
Johns, Brian (CAN, Swimming, 2000-2008)
Johns, Helen (USA, Swimming, 1932)
Johns, Martin (NZL, Athletics, 1996)
Johnsen, Bjarne (NOR, Artistic Gymnastics, 1912)
Johnsen, Erik (NOR, Ski Jumping, 1988)
Johnsen, Johan "Jojo" (NOR, Athletics, 1920)
Johnsen, John (NOR, Swimming, 1912)
Johnsen, Lars (NOR, Cycling - Road, 1992)
Johnsen, Robert (DEN, Artistic Gymnastics, 1920)
Johnsen, Tore (NOR, Athletics, 1984)
Johnsen, Vibeke (NOR, Handball, 1988)
Johnson, Albert (GBR, Athletics, 1956-1960)
Johnson, Albert (USA, Athletics, 1904)
Johnson, Alexander (AUS, Modern Pentathlon, 1996)
Johnson, Allen (USA, Athletics, 1996-2004)
Johnson, Anders (USA, Ski Jumping, 2006-2010)
Johnson, Andrew (USA, Cross Country Skiing, 2002-2006)
Johnson, Angela (CAN, Basketball, 1976)
Johnson, Ann (GBR, Athletics, 1952)
Johnson, Annette (NZL, Alpine Skiing, 1952)
Johnson, Arthur (USA, Boxing, 1988)
Johnson, Barbara (IRL, Athletics, 1988)
Johnson, Ben (CAN, Athletics, 1984-1992)
Johnson, Benita (AUS, Athletics, 2000-2008)
Johnson, Bill (USA, Alpine Skiing, 1984)
Johnson, Brandy (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1988)
Johnson, Brian (USA, Athletics, 2008)
Johnson, Bryant (USA, Handball, 1988)
Johnson, Butch (USA, Archery, 2000-2008)
Johnson, Cari (CAN, Shooting, 2000)
Johnson, Carl (USA, Athletics, 1920)
Johnson, Carrie (USA, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 2004-2008)
Johnson, Cassie (USA, Curling, 2006)
Johnson, Charles (GBR, Diving, 1948)
Johnson, Charles (USA, Baseball, 1992)
Johnson, Chris (CAN, Boxing, 1992)
Johnson, Cornelius (USA, Athletics, 1932-1936)
Johnson, Courtney (USA, Water Polo, 2000)
Johnson, Craig (USA, Ice Hockey, 1994)
Johnson, Curtis (USA, Athletics, 2000)
Johnson, Dave (USA, Athletics, 1988-1992)
Johnson, David (CAN, Rowing, 1984-1988)
Johnson, David (USA, Swimming, 1968)
Johnson, David (CAN, Athletics, 1924)
Johnson, David (USA, Shooting, 1992)
Johnson, Dennis (WIF/JAM, Athletics, 1960-1964)
Johnson, Derek (GBR, Athletics, 1956)
Johnson, Dick (ISV, Sailing, 1976)
Johnson, Dominic (LCA, Athletics, 1996-2000/2008)
Johnson, Don (USA, Cross Country Skiing/Nordic Combined, 1948)
Johnson, Earle (USA, Athletics, 1920-1924)
Johnson, Earvin "Magic" (USA, Basketball, 1992)
Johnson, Edgar (USA, Rowing, 1932)
Johnson, Edward (USA, Boxing, 1948)
Johnson, Edwin (BAH, Athletics, 1968-1972)
Johnson, Emma (AUS, Swimming, 1996)
Johnson, Erik (USA, Ice Hockey, 2010)
Johnson, Ethel (GBR, Athletics, 1932)
Johnson, Fiona (NZL, Alpine Skiing, 1980)
Johnson, Folke (SWE, Sailing, 1912)
Johnson, Francis (USA, Basketball, 1936)
Johnson, Franklin (USA, Athletics, 1924)
Johnson, Gail (CAN, Sailing, 1988)
Johnson, Gea (USA, Bobsleigh, 2002)
Johnson, George (LBR, Athletics, 1956-1960)
Johnson, George (PUR, Shooting, 1948)
Johnson, Gordon (AUS, Cycling - Track, 1968)
Johnson, Greg (CAN, Ice Hockey, 1994)
Johnson, Gunnar (SWE, Athletics, 1912)
Johnson, Haley (USA, Biathlon, 2010)
Johnson, Harry (GBR, Boxing, 1908)
Johnson, Hattie (USA, Shooting, 2004)
Johnson, Hugo (SWE, Sailing, 1948)
Johnson, Jack (USA, Ice Hockey, 2010)
Johnson, Jackie (USA, Athletics, 2008)
Johnson, Jade (GBR, Athletics, 2004-2008)
Johnson, James (GBR, Figure Skating, 1908)
Johnson, Jamie (USA, Curling, 2006)
Johnson, Jan (USA, Athletics, 1972)
Johnson, Jenna (USA, Swimming, 1984)
Johnson, Jill (USA, Swimming, 1992)
Johnson, Jonathan (USA, Athletics, 2004)
Johnson, Jorn (NOR, Boxing, 1996)
Johnson, Joseph (MAS, Hockey, 1968)
Johnson, Karen (CAN, Sailing, 1988)
Johnson, Kath (GBR, Hockey, 1992-2000)
Johnson, Kathryn (CAN, Hockey, 1988)
Johnson, Kathy (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1984)
Johnson, Katie (USA, Rowing, 2004)
Johnson, Keith Littlewood (SIN, Sailing, 1956)
Johnson, Kelly (CAN, Figure Skating, 1984)
Johnson, Kenneth (GBR, Athletics, 1952)
Johnson, Kenneth (USA, Shooting, 2000)
Johnson, Kerry (AUS, Athletics, 1988-1992)
Johnson, Kevin (RSA, Baseball, 2000)
Johnson, Kirk (CAN, Boxing, 1992)
Johnson, Laurel (JAM, Athletics, 1988)
Johnson, Lawrence (USA, Athletics, 1996-2000)
Johnson, Léon (FRA, Shooting, 1908)
Johnson, Linda (CAN, Speed Skating, 1994-1998)
Johnson, Margaret (AUS, Athletics, 1956)
Johnson, Mark (USA, Ice Hockey/Miscellaneous, 1980/2002)
Johnson, Michael (USA, Athletics, 1992-2000)
Johnson, Michael (GBR, Hockey, 2000)
Johnson, Michelle (VIN, Athletics, 1988)
Johnson, Mike (CAN, Baseball, 2004-2008)
Johnson, Mike (GBR, Hockey, 2004)
Johnson, Nancy (USA, Shooting, 2000)
Johnson, Nathan (USA, Canoe / Kayak - Flatwater, 2004)
Johnson, Nigel (GBR, Swimming, 1972)
Johnson, Nikki (CAN, Basketball, 2000)
Johnson, Pamela (GBR, Swimming, 1964)
Johnson, Parry (BER, Athletics, 1948)
Johnson, Patrick (AUS, Athletics, 2000-2004)
Johnson, Patterson (BAH, Athletics, 1988)
Johnson, Patty (USA, Athletics, 1972)
Johnson, Paul (USA, Ice Hockey, 1960-1964)
Johnson, Phyllis (GBR, Figure Skating, 1908/1920)
Johnson, Rafer (USA, Athletics/Miscellaneous, 1956-1960/1984)
Johnson, Ralph (GBR, Fencing, 1968-1972)
Johnson, Richard (USA, Archery, 1996)
Johnson, Ridgely (USA, Rowing, 1984)
Johnson, Roger (NZL, Athletics, 1968-1972)
Johnson, Ron (AUS, Baseball, 2000)
Johnson, Ryan (CAN, Freestyle Skiing, 1998-2002)
Johnson, Sandra (CRC, Athletics, 1968)
Johnson, Scott (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 1984-1988)
Johnson, Seba (ISV, Alpine Skiing, 1988-1992)
Johnson, Shannon (USA, Basketball, 2004)
Johnson, Shawn (USA, Artistic Gymnastics, 2008)
Johnson, Sheena (USA, Athletics, 2004-2008)
Johnson, Sheryl (USA, Hockey, 1988)
Johnson, Sonja (AUS, Equestrian, 2008)
Johnson, Stein (NOR, Athletics, 1948-1952)
Johnson, Stone (USA, Athletics, 1960)
Johnson, Susan (USA, Swimming, 1988)
Johnson, Sven (SWE, Artistic Gymnastics, 1920)
Johnson, Tage (SWE, Rowing, 1912)
Johnson, Ted (NZL, Rowing, 1952)
Johnson, Thomas (GBR, Cycling - Track, 1908)
Johnson, Tony (USA, Rowing, 1964-1968)
Johnson, Toureano (BAH, Boxing, 2008)
Johnson, Verna (AUS, Athletics, 1952)
Johnson, Victor (GBR, Cycling - Track, 1908)
Johnson, Wayne (USA, Athletics, 1924)
Johnson, Wesley (LBR, Athletics, 1964)
Johnson, Wilfrid (GBR, Lacrosse, 1908)
Johnson, William (USA, Skeleton, 1948)
Johnson, William (USA, Swimming, 1968)
Johnson, William (GBR, Fencing, 1968/1976/1984)
Johnson Cedeno, Yudel (CUB, Boxing, 2004)
Johnson-Blair, Linda (CAN, Speed Skating, 1994-1998)
Johnson-Jordan, Jennifer (USA, Beach Volleyball, 2000)
Johnsson, Bengt (SWE, Swimming, 1976)
Johnsson, Bo (SWE, Swimming, 1924)
Johnsson, Gustaf (SWE, Artistic Gymnastics, 1908)
Johnsson, Kim (SWE, Ice Hockey, 2002)
Johnsson, Per (SWE, Swimming, 1968)
Johnsson, Rolf (SWE, Artistic Gymnastics, 1908)
Johnston, Ann (CAN, Figure Skating, 1956)
Johnston, Cameron (AUS, Wrestling, 2000)
Johnston, Christine (GBR, Sailing, 2000)
Johnston, Cynthia (CAN, Basketball, 1996)
Johnston, Don (USA, Rowing, 1920)
Johnston, Donald (RSA, Swimming, 1948)
Johnston, Eric (AUS, Water Polo, 1948)
Johnston, Fiona (GBR, Rowing, 1988)
Johnston, Graham (RSA, Swimming, 1952)
Johnston, Greg (NZL, Rowing, 1984-1988)