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To build up the database, the first priority is to input the data for every Olympic result. The main sources for this data are the official Olympic Reports, which have been made available by the LA84 Foundation on their web site (www.la84foundation.org). The reports have been scanned, digitised and converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF files. So, if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and a program (like a spreadsheet) that can be used to enter data into a table, you can help! The task will be split into many "jobs", which each relate to a particular sport at a particular games. For instance, boxing at Tokyo 1964 would be one "job". There are 1023 different jobs in total, and 354 of those still need to be done. Some jobs will be much larger than others and it may possible to split these into smaller parts. The following Olympic Games have pending jobs.

Sochi 2014
Lillehammer 2016 Youth Games
PyeongChang 2018
Lausanne 2020 Youth Games
Beijing 2022

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